Nominated for best supporting actress 2010 in Peter Bradshaw's personal Oscars, The Guardian.

Nancy Trotter Landry trained at the Ecole Internationale de Theatre Jacques Lecoq in Paris. She began her career as a singer, dancer and ring mistress in the highly acclaimed Giffords Circus and for eleven years has worked in film, theatre and, of course, circus.

'the hilarious Nancy Trotter Landry'
Time Out New York

'[brilliantlove is]... made interesting by the physically and emotionally exhibitionistic, on- and, in fact, over-the-edge performances by Nancy Trotter Landry'
Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

'The performances are strong- they're honest, frank, intimate and believable'

'consummate physical comedian'
New York Times

Nancy joined the circus at the age of 19 as a general help and months later was performing as a dancer. Since then she has appeared as a non-drag drag singer, donkey riding Persian orator-king, a neoclassical mad bird charmer, a Transylvanian circus mistress and in this year's production, The Thunders, I am Orphea!, an endearingly innocent and wholesome character essential to the plot line.

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